World Space Risk Forum


12th to 15th May 2014

2014 Key Details
Dates: 12 May – 15 May 2014
Location: Dubai
Venue: Raffles Dubai
Attendees: Manufacturers, Operators, Space Agencies, Underwriters, Financiers, Reinsurers, Brokers and Attorneys
Meetings Format: Wide ranging panels, discussions and focus groups
Chairman’s Message:

Over 300 people from around the world came together to share, learn, innovate and challenge at the 2014 World Space Risk Forum. We want to express our thanks to the hosts, sponsors, speakers and participants in this year’s Forum. You all contributed to discussing issues and finding solutions to the many challenges we face. We leave with a better understanding of the work ahead, and with new connections, colleagues and friends in our universe of space insurance.

Chris Kunstadter
Chairman, WSRF 2014